Cimperman Co. Professional Photography
Cimperman Co. Professional Photography
  An interview with Tim Cimperman.

So tell me Tim when did you start your career in photography?

Well, I became fascinated back in high school, the visual communications classes and the yearbook staff is where I got my introduction to photography. Later, I got a part time job working in the lab at a local portrait studio.

How did you decide to take your work to a professional level?

I started as an apprentice in 1985 and worked my way to staff photographer then to a manager. I worked as a manager at another portrait studio as well, I had always had a wedding business on the side, and in 1995 I started my own business.

When did you photograph your first wedding?

Actually, I photographed my first wedding in 1984, since then I have kind'a lost track of how many I've done.

What other type of photography have you done?

Oh, you name it. High school graduation portraits, underclass photos in the schools, preschools, family gatherings, commercial work, sports etc. I was also a freelance potographer for years with the area newspapers, The Herald, New Castle News, The Record Argus, The New Wilmington Globe, and The Lake Shore Visitor.

How did you learn all of these different styles?

When you really enjoy what you do, you explore and look for new experiences and ways to do things. And of course I'm always taking classes, Kent State, professional organization seminars and schools, but I feel nothing takes the place of experience. Living and working in this industry these past 20 years, staying involved in the community and your family, just meeting new people and seeing new places, all of these things help you keep the fires burning.
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